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Recent Work

WAG! approached HITRECORD BRANDED with a unique challenge; how could they speak to dog owners and potential customers who might be wary of trusting a mobile app to look after their four-legged family members.

Our solution was to engage the customers themselves and build our creative with their authentic voice at the heart of our campaign. A sustained social media program invited dog owners around the world to share their stories and experiences. This created early, active engagement with the brand, and allowed our creative community to draw inspiration from a well of genuine consumer experience and produce a series of branded micro content that truly resonated with it's intended audience. 

Click here to download the case study. 

In a marketplace dominated by Apple brand awareness thanks to massive ad spends and cultural icon status, LG challenged HITRECORD BRANDED to create an emotional connection to a new phone

Our “In-Between Moments” campaign placed #1 for engagement in the category of Mobile Electronics during it’s flight and grabbed 20% share of voice in a category of 47 spots. HITRECORD went on to conceive and produce the next two product launches for the LG V series. 

Click here to download  in-depth case study.

Ahead of the 2016 election, HR partnered with the ACLU to create a groundbreaking documentary series, “Are You There Democracy? It’s Me Technology.”  The six part series explored the topics of transparency in government, big data collection, government surveillance, the role of journalism among others.

Thousands of global citizens and activists contributed including Emma Watson, Shailene Woodley, Bryce Dallas Howard and Edward Snowden himself!

The HR x ACLU program was nominated for 2017 Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media, only to lose out to President Barack Obama and his interactive tour of the White House. Click here for a sampling of the series!

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Press and Reception

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